Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Have a Point

Just a little random mess because I found it amusing. This is my truck's gauge cluster. It needs a new one.

Don't worry, my truck was parked and off when this photo was taken. The gauges are supposed to be ALL the way down since nothing is running. Hmm, let's take a closer look, shall we?

Engine isn't even running, yet it claims to be over-heating. And the oil pressure gauge is stuck. Nice.

I turned the key, and this is what happens. Engine still isn't running.

Yeah, it really is low on gas. But look at the temp! Wow.

And this is after driving for five minutes:

Yikes! Are you telling me the time, or reading the temperature??? At this rate, we should both be on fire. And my truck really needs gas. At least the oil pressure gauge got un-stuck.

The speedometer occasionally messes up too, but the truck needs to be running for a long time, and pretty hard. I could be doing 80mph on the freeway, but the speedometer would be at 0 or maybe 3mph lol.

Apparently, GMC has had some complaints about this issue. They have offered to fix them at no charge to the owner, but the truck has to have 70,000 miles or less.


ANYWAY, I have decided which polishes to put up for sale (all except one). I will post above in a new, non-rambling post.

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