Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Swear I'm not Suzi

[edit: I had made this post over two weeks ago and my laptop decided to crap out on me. I was able to revive it and finally posted.]

Well, I did it. I changed the formula on an existing franken. Two, actually, but I haven't yet posted about the second polish.

I promise it's for the better, however. See for yourself :)

Popping the Heat Sink, original formula. One coat:

Popping the Heat Sink, new formula. This is one coat:

Better? :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still Alive

Apologies for falling off the face of the earth. I've had several things happen (including a computer virus), that kept me off the web for a while.

I assure you that I am doing well now and will get back to posting regularly(ish) immediately. Thank you sincerely for your patience :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Glitter Haul

I stopped by the local dollar store earlier and found some interesting glitters in mini-packets. We'll see how they hold up in polish.

Here is what I got:

Large light blue opalescent hexes

Large silver holographic hexes

Medium turquoise holographic hexes

Large opalescent hexes

 Medium opalescent hexes

Medium opalescent hexes (these have a pretty blue sheen).

I have a ton of opalescent glitter, but it always bleeds in polish. We'll see how these work. They were in mini nail art kits, so hopefully these are an exception.

Well, I tested the large light blue opalescent hexes and those bled :/ I need more clear to test out the others. I hope at least the turquoise hexes stay intact. And the large silver ones. And...well, the rest of them.

I have other glitters from previous hauls as well. I have so much, including both glitters that held up in polish and those that did not. I should give the ones that didn't work to my cousin to make room for more.

I hope to get to Hobby Lobby and/or Michael's within the next week or so in order to get more glitters. Plus, I have some coming in the mail. You can never have enough glitter.

Dusty Score!

I'd given up on going to dusties, since no salon would ever sell to me. And the local beauty supplies that weren't Sally Beauty had nothing of interest.

My best friend told me about a nail salon that was close to her house. It wasn't just a salon. It was a nail salon within a beauty supply. A dusty within a dusty. So I went.

And I scored.

$4 per bottle since they were used. But they are all 90% full or more! Hell yes!

I need to go back, since I saw some other China Glaze holos that I have been dying for. I had to keep these babies in my purse and stare at them to make sure that I, in fact, was not dreaming!

Now all I need is some sun to try these beauties out!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Men With Scars

When you first meet Garrus Vakarian, he's a space cop with a passion for the pursuit of justice. He's hotheaded and idealistic. He believes he can save the world with his gun. His intentions are pure, but he's a little confused as to how to do good in the galaxy.

As time passes, though, he starts to lose his way. He becomes hardened with time, and his idealism becomes shadowed by a dark and jaded demeanor. And he gets some cool scars to go with his darker side after he eats a missile too. But good old Garrus just takes it in stride and makes a joke and what could come off as a small pass at you.

How his blue blood and greyish skin made for pink scars is beyond me, but oh well.

The first thing that drew my eye towards him, other than being all spiky and sharp everywhere, was that blue and black armor he wears. It's pretty striking and definitely makes him stand out.

So I made something that would match:

Archangel the frankenpolish. It's the nickname Garrus is given in ME2 for his good deeds and protecting the locals.

The black glitter is a loose glitter that was sent to me. The mini silver hex glitters were from a glitter shaker I found at a fabulous dollar store. All the other colors bled, unfortunately. The pack also included really gorgeous green glitter and was so sad when it lost all color. Such is the life of a frankener.

In other news, I was originally going to post another sale on Friday, and I do apologize for not doing so, but the supplies I ordered have not arrived yet. I don't want to start selling polishes when I don't currently have the supplies with which to make them. Hopefully they arrive soon and I will update soon :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting There!

Thanks for your orders! I'm done taking orders for now. Thanks to you guys, I'm halfway towards getting my truck repaired :)

I'll open up shop again on Friday, and will probably keep it up past Thanksgiving. I've got some supplies coming in the mail, so I hope to expand my selection by then :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Little Extreme

I am sorry, but I LOVE that you get to be a jerk in ME. I haven't gone totally jerky in a playthrough, though. I like to sprinkle in my random moments of asshole. You can be an asshole, but since you're saving the galaxy, you're not a total asshole. It's all about balance.

I would never do these things in real life, of course. I just felt the need to point that out lol. These are animated characters, therefore not real people, so I just go for it. Not to say I don't feel kind of bad for it afterwards.

Case in point:

This is Manuel. He's a genius (yet mentally unstable) scientist who is very distraught after a brutal attack on his colony. The attack has knocked him off his rocker a bit; so when you meet him, he's spewing nonsensical babble (or is it??? He figures out the plot of the game before YOU).

You can get him to...well...

What ensues:

"Say 'goodnight', Manuel."

"You can't silence the truth! My voice MUST be heard!"

*giant right hook*

I love the exaggerated wind-up and the giant right hook she throws. Of course, Manuel is knocked out cold. He falls to the floor immediately.

"That might have been a little extreme, Commander."

I love that defiant little brow furrow she gives as she glances at Manuel on the floor. I kind of want to draw little devil horns on her.

There we go.

Anyway, that's the story behind this polish:

"Say Goodnight, Manuel". Black jelly loaded with multi-sized holographic hexagons, holographic bar, and holographic star and crescent moon glitters.

My sanity has not yet been breached (for the most part), so I am still taking orders for polish. This, of course, is one of the ones up for sale :)