Monday, October 31, 2011

Good News/ Bad News

Bad news: Texas Rangers lost the World Series (I was seriously about to cry. I had tears in my eyes. But I'm mostly over it now.)

Good news: Finished paying off this giant hunk of metal!

Good news: I got Giant Hunk of Metal's title in the mail!

Bad news: Giant Hunk of Metal needs new gauges. They are very pricey. ~$400 to be exact.

Good news (for you): I need money, so I am starting a frankenpolish sale. Specifics will be up on Wednesday, the latest.

The most info I can provide right now is that I will start selling in batches of 5. No minimum order. I will accept PayPal and Money Order for those who don't do online payment.

I haven't quite decided on all polishes that will be in the first batch, but I know one of them WILL be "Biotic God," which was shown in the previous post.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Smell My Greatness!

"I am a biotic god! I think things -- and they happen. Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!"

This is Niftu Cal, a volus who is high as a kite on who-knows-what. He is less than half your height, clumsy as hell, and threatens anyone who approaches him.

"Yes, the asari injecting so many drugs into me was terrifying. But then I began to smell my greatness!"

Oh, I smell something, alright.

You can either let him throw himself into a battle where he gets killed almost instantly, or do the heroic thing and lightly tap him and knock him over. He is so shocked that he was defeated so easily that he realizes that he's actually exhausted, and leaves to take a nap.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, "biotics" are basically fancy telekinetic abilites. You can choose whether or not you want your character to have them. I always do, as flinging people back and forth and off of ledges using just your brain is way too much fun.

This guy was too much fun not to poke fun at, so I made a polish for him:

Biotic God, a sheer charcoal base loaded with light blue, darker blue, purple, and duochrome glass-flecks.

Two coats over WnW Black Creme.

I'm impressed with my camera's ability to take super-closeups. I'm not impressed by my photo-taking abilities, however. I must have taken over sixty photos and was able to use only three shots.

The purple shift in the flecks are camera shy, but they are very much there! I promise.

The best line in this scene by far comes from Thane. After you knock the poor volus over and he leaves to go to sleep, Thane turns and says:

"Sleep well. And dream of bulbous women."

It took me so much by surprise that I just lost it. I have only heard him say this once, but that was good enough for me.

Also, whenever anyone at home complains of nail polish smell when I'm frankening, I tell them that they are "smelling my greatness." They can handle it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Quick Update

I wrote four papers this week! O_o I think that's a personal record for me. My polish is currently very chipped, but I am way too tired to care. Maybe I'll do something about it tomorrow. I shall get back to regular posting once I regain feeling in my hands. Well, feeling that is something other than PAIN (carpal tunnel syndrome is a real kick in the quad.)

Some random things:

-apparently, donating blood doesn't affect me the day of. Two days later, however...I kept getting the mother of all headrushes whenever I moved and almost kissed the floor several times.

-some Sally Beauty supplies have the ChG Halloween collection, but not "It's Alive!" In other words, the glitter polish; aka, the only polish I wanted from that collection.

-I was thinking of starting a franken sale. As soon as I went online to buy TKB glamour base,  I saw that they were not only out of stock, but are having distribution issues with their suppliers. I will say it again: kick in the quad.

-I want to, one of these days, post the pages upon PAGES of franken plans that I have written. They are pretty crazy. I plan frankens and sketch and take notes in the middle of class.

-elbee, I am currently working on two frankens, one called "Disingenouous Assertions," and another called "Snide Insinuations." (SI is what you tell al Jilani when you punch her in ME1). Be on the lookout for those.

-yes, I AM making a franken called "Kick in the Quad." I actually got the color idea from my brother. I just need to order some glitter online. And some TKB GLAMOUR BASE *rips hair out*

-I watched baseball for about five hours straight last night. Baseball is usually my Nail Time as well. But this was the playoffs, so I was too entranced to even notice that I have nails.

-my brother does his nails about as often as I do. Although, he has a slightly different approach than mine. I file, remove polish, moisturize, then polish. He just takes his knife to his nails. Man-icure indeed.

-don't EVER try Zumba while in heels. Just...don't.

So yeah, that was my week. How was yours?

Saturday, October 1, 2011 Impossible

Hypothetical question: you are soaring through space, helping Commander Shepard save humanity from certain extinction. Your explorations take you through relentless terrains, endless firefights, and even an oozing alien ship that is harvesting humans. What do you wear?

Why, skin-tight spandex and heels of course! Screw bullets; if you're Miranda Lawson, you're too hot to get shot! People are too busy staring at your boobs and ass and just all around admiring the "perfect" woman you are to even care that you're trying to kill them.

Don't get me wrong, I wear heels all the time and just about everywhere. But if I'm going anywhere that requires me to run (especially for my life), screw height. Flat shoes it is. Also, if I'm getting shot at and can wear something that prevents said bullets from piercing my body...forget vanity. Give me some armor, dammit.

Miranda comes off as cold at the beginning of the game. She talks about how she was genetically engineered by her rich father. He handpicked everything about her so that she'd be "perfect." This gives the term "daddy issues" a whole new meaning.

By the end of the game, Miranda mellows out slightly, but she's still the trademark "ice queen" as she was coined at first. She's a pretty good character, but the overly gratuitous camera angles to her curves during regular conversations get on my nerves. They seem way too forced and aren't very sexy.

Anyway, I made a polish for her:

Ice Queen. Sheer white with white glitter, clear/white glass glitter, and clear hexagons. This is one of my older frankens that I was just able to photograph decently now that I am getting the hang of using my camera.

This is one coat over CND Cream Washed:

IMPOSSIBLE to photograph over white! I swear there's tons more glitter in there.

I decided to test out the contrast and swatch it over black. I ended up loving the result:

I love how it looks just like ice. The hexes give a really cool texture. I'm thinking of making this my next NOTD. I think this is one of those polishes that will have people saying "oooh, what's on your nails?" I love it when people do that.

Now excuse me while I practice running in heels.

In A Rut

I made two new frankens today. I'm not too happy with them. I'm not sure why, exactly, but they're just not how I envisioned them. Part of me thinks that it's because I told myself  "I WILL franken today!" and kind of forced these frankens out of myself. Another part of me thinks that I was just high off fumes because I was making some polishes to send out and wasn't used to the scent anymore haha.

The other part of me just thinks I'm still cranky because I watched the Rangers get stomped on in Game 1 of the ALDS. It's probably a mixture of all three. I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about them tomorrow.

Oh, and about the franken in my last post...the loose copper glitter I used bled, so now the polish is murky and the glitter is now silver. *flips a table*

Luckily, I found a replacement glitter that I already know won't melt or bleed in polish. If only I'd found it sooner. Such is the world of a frankener.

Anyway, here's a NOTD:

China Glaze Skyscraper from their Metro collection. It's a beautiful navy blue loaded with silver glitter. I decided to add some little silver crystal stars I bought from a local beauty supply as an accent on one nail. It wasn't until after I had put topcoat over them that I realized how patriotic this mani ended up looking haha.

I may post pictures of my unloved frankens from today a little later. We'll see how I feel about them. hopefully I end up liking them, as I really don't feel like cleaning out any more bottles. I could honestly pay someone to do it for me.