Saturday, October 1, 2011 Impossible

Hypothetical question: you are soaring through space, helping Commander Shepard save humanity from certain extinction. Your explorations take you through relentless terrains, endless firefights, and even an oozing alien ship that is harvesting humans. What do you wear?

Why, skin-tight spandex and heels of course! Screw bullets; if you're Miranda Lawson, you're too hot to get shot! People are too busy staring at your boobs and ass and just all around admiring the "perfect" woman you are to even care that you're trying to kill them.

Don't get me wrong, I wear heels all the time and just about everywhere. But if I'm going anywhere that requires me to run (especially for my life), screw height. Flat shoes it is. Also, if I'm getting shot at and can wear something that prevents said bullets from piercing my body...forget vanity. Give me some armor, dammit.

Miranda comes off as cold at the beginning of the game. She talks about how she was genetically engineered by her rich father. He handpicked everything about her so that she'd be "perfect." This gives the term "daddy issues" a whole new meaning.

By the end of the game, Miranda mellows out slightly, but she's still the trademark "ice queen" as she was coined at first. She's a pretty good character, but the overly gratuitous camera angles to her curves during regular conversations get on my nerves. They seem way too forced and aren't very sexy.

Anyway, I made a polish for her:

Ice Queen. Sheer white with white glitter, clear/white glass glitter, and clear hexagons. This is one of my older frankens that I was just able to photograph decently now that I am getting the hang of using my camera.

This is one coat over CND Cream Washed:

IMPOSSIBLE to photograph over white! I swear there's tons more glitter in there.

I decided to test out the contrast and swatch it over black. I ended up loving the result:

I love how it looks just like ice. The hexes give a really cool texture. I'm thinking of making this my next NOTD. I think this is one of those polishes that will have people saying "oooh, what's on your nails?" I love it when people do that.

Now excuse me while I practice running in heels.


  1. OOH BABY DAT ASS! It was so awkward whenever she talked, and it would pan to her ass. Oh, Bioware.

    Love the franken over black and white.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love it over the black! It would probably look amazing over a deep navy as well. What glitter did you use? I haven't been able to find white glitter that is just white, and not iridescent.