Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Quick Update

I wrote four papers this week! O_o I think that's a personal record for me. My polish is currently very chipped, but I am way too tired to care. Maybe I'll do something about it tomorrow. I shall get back to regular posting once I regain feeling in my hands. Well, feeling that is something other than PAIN (carpal tunnel syndrome is a real kick in the quad.)

Some random things:

-apparently, donating blood doesn't affect me the day of. Two days later, however...I kept getting the mother of all headrushes whenever I moved and almost kissed the floor several times.

-some Sally Beauty supplies have the ChG Halloween collection, but not "It's Alive!" In other words, the glitter polish; aka, the only polish I wanted from that collection.

-I was thinking of starting a franken sale. As soon as I went online to buy TKB glamour base,  I saw that they were not only out of stock, but are having distribution issues with their suppliers. I will say it again: kick in the quad.

-I want to, one of these days, post the pages upon PAGES of franken plans that I have written. They are pretty crazy. I plan frankens and sketch and take notes in the middle of class.

-elbee, I am currently working on two frankens, one called "Disingenouous Assertions," and another called "Snide Insinuations." (SI is what you tell al Jilani when you punch her in ME1). Be on the lookout for those.

-yes, I AM making a franken called "Kick in the Quad." I actually got the color idea from my brother. I just need to order some glitter online. And some TKB GLAMOUR BASE *rips hair out*

-I watched baseball for about five hours straight last night. Baseball is usually my Nail Time as well. But this was the playoffs, so I was too entranced to even notice that I have nails.

-my brother does his nails about as often as I do. Although, he has a slightly different approach than mine. I file, remove polish, moisturize, then polish. He just takes his knife to his nails. Man-icure indeed.

-don't EVER try Zumba while in heels. Just...don't.

So yeah, that was my week. How was yours?

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  1. hahahaha I love that you called me out <3 I can't wait to see them!