Monday, October 31, 2011

Good News/ Bad News

Bad news: Texas Rangers lost the World Series (I was seriously about to cry. I had tears in my eyes. But I'm mostly over it now.)

Good news: Finished paying off this giant hunk of metal!

Good news: I got Giant Hunk of Metal's title in the mail!

Bad news: Giant Hunk of Metal needs new gauges. They are very pricey. ~$400 to be exact.

Good news (for you): I need money, so I am starting a frankenpolish sale. Specifics will be up on Wednesday, the latest.

The most info I can provide right now is that I will start selling in batches of 5. No minimum order. I will accept PayPal and Money Order for those who don't do online payment.

I haven't quite decided on all polishes that will be in the first batch, but I know one of them WILL be "Biotic God," which was shown in the previous post.

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