Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Glitter Haul

I stopped by the local dollar store earlier and found some interesting glitters in mini-packets. We'll see how they hold up in polish.

Here is what I got:

Large light blue opalescent hexes

Large silver holographic hexes

Medium turquoise holographic hexes

Large opalescent hexes

 Medium opalescent hexes

Medium opalescent hexes (these have a pretty blue sheen).

I have a ton of opalescent glitter, but it always bleeds in polish. We'll see how these work. They were in mini nail art kits, so hopefully these are an exception.

Well, I tested the large light blue opalescent hexes and those bled :/ I need more clear to test out the others. I hope at least the turquoise hexes stay intact. And the large silver ones. And...well, the rest of them.

I have other glitters from previous hauls as well. I have so much, including both glitters that held up in polish and those that did not. I should give the ones that didn't work to my cousin to make room for more.

I hope to get to Hobby Lobby and/or Michael's within the next week or so in order to get more glitters. Plus, I have some coming in the mail. You can never have enough glitter.

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