Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Okay! I have narrowed my selection down to four. They will be in full-size bottles! 12mL to be exact.

Here is the current selection:

Biotic God:


Sunset Eyes:

And, the fourth, Saren:

I am still deciding on the last polish to add to the batch. As soon as I make my decision, I will make a new post.

Polishes will be $10 a bottle, NO minimum order (although, if you're ordering from overseas, please get at least 3 to make shipping worth it :) )

I will accept PayPal and Money Order. I will post on Friday when I start accepting orders. I will accept orders via email. My email address is: zeldas_revenge@yahoo.com. Please write "Polish Order" in the subject so your email doesn't get caught in my spam filter.

Please include:
Your Name AND your screenname on MUA or whatever nail board you use
Polishes you'd like, and quantity of each
Your Address
Method of payment

If I require more information, I will email you. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as I accept your order.

I will monitor closely to see how many orders I can keep up with and close when I feel it is necessary in order to preserve my sanity.

If you happen to miss the sale, not to worry! These polishes will still be available later :)

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