Thursday, November 3, 2011

Party of Five

The final polish to be included in the sale is here! Detailed post with my, er...inspiration will be posted above a little later.

Meet "Say Goodnight, Manuel"

Apologies for the weird angles and blurriness. The holo glitter made my camera go haywire.

Closeup so you can see the details of the glitters

One coat over WnW Black Creme

Two coats on its own. The black is sheer, so you can layer it over other colors. It gives a slight "smoky" effect over lighter polishes.

So, there you have it! All five polishes that will be for sale starting tomorrow! I will make a new post at 6:00PM CT tomorrow listing all the polishes again. That will be when I start accepting orders. As I mentioned before, these polishes will ALWAYS be available, so if you miss out, don't worry! I will re-release these soon :)

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  1. LOL!! All I can think of when I see this polish is MY VOICE MUST BE HEARD! [right hook] I like the smoky effect, and man I'd love to find crescent moon glitter that doesn't bleed.