Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Will Darken the Sky...

Ok, so in the ME series, there is a big bad race of sentient machines out to destroy all galactic civilization. They come around every fifty thousand years or so and destroy all sentient life and enslave whatever they don't kill. Then they disappear and repeat the cycle. Such a lovely tale, no?

These things are called Reapers, and they pretty much hate you. And me. And your puppies and kittens. We are insignificant, a "mistake" or blah blah blah... lol. It's been a while since I heard that self-important speech, so my memory's a little fuzzy.

I do remember one of them (his name was Sovereign) saying that "our numbers will darken the sky" when they finally invade. How comforting.

These are Reapers. A lot of them. Oh, and yes, I am aware that they look like giant robot head lice. But they are huge and very deadly so I find them awesome despite the fact that they do look like bugs.

I decided that if these big bad machines were a polish, it would have to be one badass polish.

Three different kinds of silver glitter (teensy squares, irregular glass-flecks, and mini hex), gunmetal, and black glitter in a charcoal tinted base.

Maybe I'll go stomp on a few ant piles to make myself feel like a big huge badass. (I won't lol).




    (you know I'm gonna do this on every ME franken post you put up haha)

    I like this one. It's similar to Milani Silver Dazzle (the one-coat glitters that aren't really one-coaters) but with bigger glitter pieces & more shapes.