Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dollar Store Disaster Day

This past Thursday, I got out of class early and decided to hang around campus for a bit. Then I remembered that my mom asked me to pick up a few things at the local dollar store next time I went. I thought 'I have some free time, why not go now?'

As I was leaving school, I noticed that my truck sounded a little...strange when I turned it on. I shrugged it off, thinking it was in my imagination and drove to the store.

When I got there, I picked up the lotion that my mom wanted and inevitably migrated towards their nail polish area (they have a ton of great Klean Colors). I'm a sucker for glitter, so of course I love Klean Color. As I was perusing the colors, I spotted KC Blue-Eyed Girl.

I saw this polish on the KC website a while back. I wanted it really bad...but I didn't quite remember what it looked like. But I knew I had wanted it, so I bought it.

I walked out of the store triumphantly, then it suddenly hit me. Blue-Eyed Girl is a blue jelly LOADED with blue hexagon glitter! What did I get?

WHERE IS THE GLITTER?? All of their Blue-Eyed Girl polishes were like this :( I relented and went back to my truck to leave.

Except my truck wouldn't start. I WAS RIGHT WHEN I THOUGHT MY TRUCK SOUNDED FUNNY. This is one of the times I HATE being right.

I had to call home to get picked up, as my truck's battery was completely DEAD and not even jumper cables helped. I spent the rest of the afternoon back over there at the parking lot, temporarily changing the battery with my dad's truck's battery, thouroughly trashing my mani. Then later I had to give back the battery, so I trashed my mani some more and was left with nothing to drive. Though I will say that guys love the sight of a girl digging in the hood of their vehicle...especially when they're in heels.

Well, this Blue-Eyed Girl a gorgeous jelly anyway. It reminds me of WnW Nocturnal. But I still want the glitter polish. I'll have to wait for their next shipment. Meanwhile, I will go to that dollar store and tell the owner/manager that they got a defective batch. And maybe they'll give me the rest of their defective ones as thanks for bringing this to their attention lol. A girl can hope.

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