Thursday, September 8, 2011

This One Made Another Polish

What is THAT? Tongue with legs? Something you would find in your nether regions? No, this is a hanar. They are an aquatic species that speak using bioluminescence. They're quite calm and really polite, but I can't not giggle whenever I encounter these in Mass Effect.

I honestly wonder how BioWare came up with this design. I giggle and cringe whenever I see these. Especially when that videogame salesman on the Citadel asks if you've seen hanar tentacle porn. Yikes.

Aaaanyway, before this gets to be even more can be mean and call one of these guys a "big stupid jellyfish." Inspiration strikes.

Big Stupid Jellyfish the polish. Multiple sized fuchsia hexes, multiple sized medium pink hexes, fuchsia squares, and pink square glitters in a clear base. The swatch is one coat over Wet n' Wild Black Creme.

I don't dislike the hanar, but I do admit that they skeeve me out a bit. It's not their fault they look like giant tongues on squishy pink stilts. I like how polite they are, and their bioluminescense is pretty cool to watch. Not to mention they trained none other than Thane Krios, drell assassin extraordinaire. That in itself buys them some cool points. Just keep those tentacles to yourself, please.

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  1. Enkindle this!

    Hanar scare me as much as Sgt Gardner's gumbo...