Friday, September 9, 2011

Savoring the Last Shot

Now that's a sexy hunk of man. If you like chafing. And anaphylactic shock. And possibly some sharp teeth and talons in...unfortunate areas.

I never imagined that I would refer to Garrus Vakarian as "adorable," but leave it to BioWare to make this guy trip over his own tongue in the most hilarious ways. He's all rough and...pointy, but there is something about this hopeless turian that makes me want to hug him (shut up, Kelly. I saw him first.)

When hitting on him (yes, you really can hit on him), he's so surprised and caught off guard that he busts out some of the best lines I've ever heard. They truly had me grasping my stomach in pain because I was laughing so hard.

"You know me. I always like to savor the last shot before popping the heat sink."


"...wait. That metaphor just went somewhere horrible."

No, Garrus, that metaphor just went somewhere awesome.

Popping the Heat Sink the frankenpolish. Red, gold, and copper hexagon glitter in a clear base. This is one coat over WnW Black. I sincerely apologize for the lint in the picture. I didn't spot it when I took the photo. Also, this was swatched MONTHS ago, before I had any hope of owning a camera. I neglected to refresh the top coat.

This is one of my favorite frankenpolishes. The dirty metaphor name makes it all that much better. Now, can this wait for a bit? Those calibrations won't calibrate themselves, after all.

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  1. Scoped and dropped! This is one of my favorites. I feel like it would go with a lot of colors.