Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flesh and Steel

What happens when you become half-organic, half-cyborg? Just ask super-charming turian Saren.

O__O isn't that enough to make you lose sleep? Yikes. And I do mean he's a total charmer. I mean, just look at how he sweeps our wonderful heroine Commander Shepard off her feet:

Ah, yes, chivalry is still very much alive in the 22nd century. And, look at those muscles!

Saren is the main foe in Mass Effect part one. He was brainwashed by the Reapers and is now fighting to start the galactic apocalypse. You are assigned the task to chase him around the galaxy to keep him from bringing about the galactic extinction. Fun!

Anyway, Saren is fitted with "upgrades" by none other than the Reapers, so he's got the bionic arm as well as some other tech that gives him an eerie blue glow. He boasts about his "flesh and steel. The strength of both, and the weaknesses of neither."

I wanted to make a polish that would kind of blend these two together. The metallic look that all turians have, plus the imbalance and weird glow from his cybernetics. I meshed it into this:

Saren the frankenpolish. This is three coats on its own. It's really sparkly when worn. I can't keep my eyes off of my fingers whenever I wear it. I made the blue glitter finer than the silver so it kind of "glows" like his unnerving stare.

By the way...Saren, how did you like the fist to the face? You totally deserved it.

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  1. Yeah, I had enough of his disingenuous assertions too!